Shaanxi Gold-Stone Electronics Co.,LTD

About Us
SHAANXI GOLD-STONE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. was established in 2002-06-18 and located in Xi?an city of Shaanxi Province China and has been approved for the certification of ISO9001:2008 quality management system Our production line area is about 2000 ? and R&D technicians, professional managers and experienced workers over 130 persons. We have more than 12years of professional experience in magnetic components field and we are dedicated to be a global supplier to providing high-quality magnetics-components for our customers all over the world . We has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, and this has only been possible by the fully trusted and reliance of our customers in our expertise and experienced staff. we have many fully satisfied customers due to our advanced equipment and high quality management system. We have more than 12yeas of professional experience in the design,manufactured various of Inductor,Transformer, Ferrite core ,Bobbin ,common mode choke and coils . The customized design based on your need is accepted More about us ,welcome visit our website
Products and services
Alloy powder core,Mn-zn ferrite core,Ni-zn ferrite core,iron powder core,Amorphous core.magnetics core,DIP bobbin,SMD bobbin,switching transformer.encapsulated transformer .planar transformer,Lan transformer.Telecom transformer.Toroidal transformer .SMD power inductor,Through hole inductor,wire wound inductor,shielded power inductor .unshieled powder inductor,High-Current power inductor.Through hole common mode choke.current transformer,split core current transformer,surface mount common mode choke .Air coils .